Monday, May 3, 2010

Bill Randall discusses whether Tea Party movement is racist

Subtlest 'Racism' Imputation Yet
Yes! Weekly, a Greensboro, N.C.-based tabloid, has come up with an especially clever way of insinuating that the tea-party movement is racist:

[Bill] Randall [a Republican candidate for Congress] said the relative silence within the Tea Party on subsequent constitutional amendments--most notably the Thirteenth Amendment, banning slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendment, guaranteeing equal protection under the law--should not be taken as an indication that theyre [sic] valued any less.
"The Tea Party movement tends to concentrate on the articles of the Constitution that have been significantly downplayed and abused, overemphasized or restricted," Randall said. "We're actually touching where it hurts. If there was a movement afoot in Congress to limit firearms, you would see an emphasis on the Second Amendment."

That should be "relative quiet" or simply "silence." Either you're silent or you're not; there are no degrees.

More substantively, while Randall's explanation is sufficient in the case of the 13th Amendment--slavery is gone and never coming back--the tea-party movement's lack of interest in the 14th Amendment is evidence that it is not driven by racial grievance. If it were, its adherents would argue that the 14th Amendment's requirement for equal protection is "significantly downplayed and abused" by legislative, administrative and judicial decisions giving preferential treatment to minorities.

Bill Randall gets upper level volunteers on 4-1-10

I wrote this comment in response to Cris Rogers Blog. I am pretty sure that this is the dude who Sam Collier told Bill Randall and I was "home bound" on 4-1-10 so that Sam Collier could get him into the inner circle without the requisite requirement that I (as the campaign manager) vett the dude. Turned out that he "wasn't really home bound" - he just desperately wanted to gain control over Bill Randall's website and make sure that I (as the campaign manager) did not have access.

It was all very odd. Why change the web-site one month before primary. And why couldn't I vett a "not really home bound" (per Sam Collier) home bound guy?

I am placing this in my blog because I doubt this dude will allow my comment.

Cris' comment (remember-Cris and Bill Randall had not even met by 4-4-10 and this was written by Cris on 4-30-10) Just plain odd. Bill Randall cannot keep a campaign. Is that a good indication of leadership? Nope.

(disclaimer – I am a volunteer for the Randall for Congress campaign)
Bill Randall is really a solid person and a tested leader that can help bring these United States and North Carolina back to a restored status of a constitutional republic. I like Bill because he is approachable, he listens and he doesn’t do the politician head nod that agrees with you regardless of his opinion. Bill will challenge you and present a different perspective because that’s what he thinks and he’s honest. We need leaders with these principles and characteristics.

And my comment:
When did you start volunteering for Bill Randall, Cris? How can you suggest a candidate is "approachable" when that candidate blocks prospective constituents (that disagree with him) from Twitter and FB?

Has Bill ever helped organize a grassroots event – even when asked? Nope. That makes the candidate GINO (grassroots in name only)

Sadly, after 10 months of support I have to admit that I misjudged Bill – he is merely a guy who:

1. quit the military 3 months after 9-11-2001,
2. hides from opposition (when he blocks people),
3. is fiscally irresponsible and
4. engages in libel in his horrific and unfounded written statements about opponents.

Bill Randall speaks well – but so does Obama. Bill Randall ignores constituents -but so does Brad Miller.
The state of NC and specifically the 13th Congressional District deserves better!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grassroots in Name Only (GINOs) = Opportunists

Bill Randall tweets only with his perceived supporters at @billrandallnc - I was a supporter until I was "blocked."

Blocking my communication to him notwithstanding, candidate Bill Randall sent me a generic blast email yesterday which was blatantly dishonest. Bill Randall claims in the generic email that he is only candidate in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District involve who was involved in grassroots level with tea party & grassroots patriots last year.

Bill Randall's claim is simply untrue.

I am true grassroots. I organized the August 2009 meeting with Brad Miller regarding health care reform. I put call/plea for many days prior to the meeting for:

(1) participants and

(2) questions to submit to Brad Miller. (I even arranged for participants outside the building to submit questions with the outside organizer, Stephen Cannon. I would then submit those written questions to Brad Miller and ask for answers.)

Bill Randall had no interest in participating in the meeting. Evidently, he preferred to be outside the building with the cameras.

Bill Randall did not even submit a question or comment to Brad Miller.

As the event's organizer, I was told that "someone who planned to oppose Brad Miller" was at the event. I learned that the individual was Bill Randall. Mr. Randall made absolutely no effort to speak with me at the event. I would have thought Bill Randall would want to be a participant at the meeting. He did not. And I certainly would think he would

Since this Bill Randall person seemed to be interested in the health care reform issue, I tried to reach out to him. Bill Randall ignored me repeatedly throughout Fall 2009.

Bill Randall only contacted me in January 2010 when he needed campaign help. I was the only grassroots person in the campaign. I even provided Bill Randall with the list of questions that constituents wanted answered by Brad Miller. It would have appropriate for Bill Randall to give the answers that constituents sought.

Despite my best, loyal and dedicated efforts to rebuild Bill Randall's campaign, I was treated with disrespect by Bill Randall. And he encouraged staff to treat me with disrespect.

Contrary to his assertion, Bill Randall is not connected with grassroots in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District.

Bill Randall actually blocks potential constituents and deletes potential constituents who oppose him. In that sense, Bill Randall behaves exactly like the arrogant Brad Miller.

Shame on Bill Randall. I hope God helps him to become both modest and honest.

Why you should not vote for Bill Randall (#NC13)

Bill Randall (tweets only to potential constituents who agree with him as @billrandallnc) and he hopes to represent #NC13. I hope to explain to those voting on Tuesday May 4, 2010 why they should not vote for Bill Randall. I base my opinions on knowing the real man - not the guy who can give a smoother speech than Obama.

Nothing is more insulting than "blast emails" sent by a GINO ("Grassroots in Name Only") candidate that blocks messages, deletes all negative Face Book comments. GINO is a designation I coined specifically for Bill Randall. Anyway, the blast email I received today states:
"[Bill Randall] is the only Republican candidate who began at the grassroots level to help the Party as Vice Precinct Chairman for Wake County, and has been active for a over year in helping other local candidates get elected."
I have no idea what that sentence even means. But if the intention is for Bill Randall to claim he was with the grassroots efforts to beat Brad Miller from the jump . . . it is just plain untrue.

The blast letter also states:
"[Bill Randall] is also the only candidate in the race who has the campaign experience needed to challenge Brad Miller."
What? Bill Randall has no grassroots presence in his campaign. Moreover, Bill Randall has gone through at least four (4) campaign managers, multiple treasurers (the current treasurer is being investigated by state and federal law enforcement for illegal activity). One of his former upper level salaried staff was accused of embezzlement with another organization. Bill knew that fact and hired the person anyway.

What campaign experience? Bill Randall refuses to take recommendations from experienced campaign staff and political advisers. Bill Randall is not a good leader.

A good leader would never have allowed my staff to attack and demean the volunteer campaign manager. (Even an adequate leader would not do that-keeping the team cohesive is critical.) Bill Randall purposefully created chaos amongst the staff - not coherence.

Unlike the other campaign managers, I volunteered, I gave up paying positions because I wanted to help him. My first day was 01-02-2010. My very ill dad had a bad fall that morning and I was scared to leave him alone. I thought I should have taken dad to the ED.

An hour before the scheduled meeting, I called Bill Randall's home phone and explained that I could not make that meeting because my ill dad had an accident. The response - Bill had another campaign worker call me about an hour after I left that message and ask me where I was. I felt obligated and I left my injured father with my frightened mom and went to the campaign meeting.

Bill Randall never asked about my dad.

But my country means that much to me. And if Bill Randall could help (especially with health care issues), I would pray to God, call the doctor later and get to the meeting. I met Bill Randall at the 01-02-2010 meeting. He makes a good first impression and I felt as though he was the "real deal."

Dad died less than two weeks later. Shortly before dad's death, Bill asked me to be the campaign manager. I felt like the campaign was based on integrity and honesty. I felt like the candidate was a good choice for NC.

In fact, in my dad's memory and as a continuation of all the work I did for responsible health care reform, I even went to the campaign meeting the day after dad died.

Bill Randall did not even send a card to my mom and me expressing sorrow for dad's death.

I did not miss a beat. I worked like a dog for Bill Randall.

Bill made some really poor decisions about staff from the jump of the campaign. He was the type of man who could be overly impressed by people who had agendas. Former gypsy campaign workers did a poor job and then expected cash compensation. Bill understood that my role as campaign manager meant that I had final say on all personnel. That lasted until we got some over-anxious and manipulative people on the campaign.

The last week March 2010, Bill Randall started listening to an older guy on the campaign. Everyone knew that as campaign manager, my job was to vett potential personnel and assign jobs.

Bill Randall ignored/usurped my authority and put Sam Collier as Field Operations manager. That was my position on 01-02-2010 before I was "promoted" to campaign manager. Sam Collier refused to take my suggestions as to how to put the system into place. I tried to help him and the only response I got from Sam Collier was frightening anger. He was territorial and thought he knew what he was doing. He did not.

Wednesday March 31. In retrospect, I can see that Sam Collier wanted his band of gypsies in the inner circle. But we were just one month before the primary. On Wednesday March 31, Sam Collier demanded that his "home bound" friend be involved at a very high level. I said no. I was unable to meet and vett the dude because Sam insisted that he was home bound. Moreover, I did not want a new inner circle member until after we won the primary. April 1 was not the time to change the game plan.

Thursday April 1. Unbeknownst to me, on Thursday April 1, Sam Collier told Bill Randall that he promised the job to "home bound boy." So, Bill again ignored/usurped my authority and agreed that the dude could join the inner circle sight unseen. Sam Collier never had authority to make those types of personnel decision. Period. It was crazy.

Friday April 2. I learned we had a new inner circle player. I was very angry. Sam Collier managed to get his way but he still had not put together the volunteer system that was the heart of his job. Sam Collier was not loyal to Bill Randall. Sam Collier manipulated Bill Randall and talked behind Bill's back. Sam Collier told the other members of the team that the May 1 fundraising event was a mistake and that he would quit before he would let that event ruin his personal reputation.

Sam Collier and Treasurer Tom Price were angry at me for standing by Bill Randall's May 1 event. I told both Sam and Tom that if Bill wants to do it then it is our job to make it happen. When the dust clears, it is Bill Randall's campaign. These guys were physically and verbally angry because of my loyalty to Bull Randall. (The discussions regarding the May 1 event occurred on March 29. It was supposed to be a meeting with me an a temporary political consultant but Sam Collier manipulated his way into the meeting. I asked both of them to leave.)

Saturday April 3. This was a horrible meeting. Bill sat back and let the two men who were supposed to report to me (Sam Collier and Tom Price) take turns lambasting me. My prior blog entries specify the horrible attacks on me by both Sam Collier and Tom Price. I learned from Sam Collier at that meeting that "home bound boy" was, in fact, not "really home bound." So, I could meet him at some point. Home bound boy was going to tweak the new website. Why? I have no idea. Sam Collier still had not created the volunteer system for the 13th District's 7 counties.

That meeting clarified for me that Bill Randall was not an effective leader. He could be manipulated by people like Tom Price and Sam Collier. Moreover, Bill Randall went off on tangents, was an unpredictable hot head and could not follow a plan.

On Saturday April 4 (after the meeting where I was attacked by Sam Collier and Tom Price), I tried to get onto the website that I spent hours working on. "Not really home bound boy" had canceled my access. I called the dude and asked for the access. He was not at home - apparently out working (odd for a home bound boy). Dude told me he would have to call Sam Collier.

I called Bill Randall to get the access. I needed to update Bill's calendar. Bill Randall told me stay on the phone and he would get "not really home bound boy" on the phone. Bill told the dude that I needed access. The dude told Bill that he had the information at home and could get it to me "when he gets home" around 7:30 pm. I said "that's not what you told me."

"Not really home bound boy" was indignant that I was on the phone. "In the future, I would appreciate knowing that I am part of a conference call." Umm, why? So that you can be sure to tell the truth?

Bill Randall actually left a message on my phone (saved) that lam blasts me for saying anything during the conversation. I was not told to just eavesdrop on the conversation. That's whack.

Then I get an email from Bill accusing me of "violation of campaign norm number 12" - good grief. This was some goofy Sam Collier thing that we received April 3. Are we prepping to win a congressional race? Bill Randall, Sam Collier and Tom Price sure weren't.

Number 12 was that I was misleading or lying. What? It is Saturday April 3. Bill Randall should be walking neighborhoods and he tells me "I need some time to figure out whether you or 'not really home bound boy' was telling the truth." Umm, what does it matter. Walk the neighborhoods, Bill, Campaign and stop being distracted by drama.

I resigned that night because it was clear that the campaign team was unappreciative of my hard volunteer work, my personal money put into the campaign (of which I never expect to be reimbursed). Bill has not been honest about my reasons for resigning. Bill has even told people that I had to leave because of my cancer. That hurt my mom to the core.

We do need a change in congress for NC's 13th District. But Bill Randall is not the man who can do the job.

I saw Bill Randall's ad on at 12:45 am on CNBC. Bill says he wants "to do our bidding" in Washington. What bidding? He picks and chooses who he will listen to. He still has me blocked from Tweeter. But as recently as yesterday, I still send Bill tips.

The television ad also says he (Bill Randall) is the real deal. Bill is understandably proud of his Navy experience. I think to myself - so many men and women, young and old, actually joined the armed services to protect America after 09-11-2001. Bill Randall retired within months of the attack on our country. Bill Randall retired when his country needed him most. Why? And what has he really done between December 2001 and now?

Bill Randall is not a leader in the field of politics or group dynamics. He created permanent and critical walls between his campaign staff one month from the primary.

I am not proud to have to warn voters to choose someone (anyone) except Bill Randall for NC's 13th District. I must take personal responsibility for my poor judgment when I believed in Bill Randall so strongly.

I am not being petty. I have no sour grapes. Why would I? I resigned. I volunteered. The decision is serious. Voters must have all information about candidates.

I am just being honest. There is entirely too much game playing and "good ole boy" junk in NC politics. I have always been and will always be an honest, loyal person with irreproachable integrity and character.

And, I still believe that we can expect and demand high standards from our representatives. Do not settle.

I hope everyone votes on Tuesday May 4, 2010.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NC Candidate Bill Randall misleads voters

On his website, Bill Randall asserts that NC Fair Tax endorsed his campaign. The actual fact is that Bill Randall returned a survey to NC Fair Tax, indicating that he agreed with NC Fair Tax's platforms. In fact, NC Fair Tax does not endorse candidates and specifically state on its website:
We do not support or endorse any political party or candidate. The information presented here is public knowledge of the candidates'
The majority of names that Bill Randall lists as "endorsements" are in fact not endorsements. Rather, they are kind words of acknowledgment. Bending the truth and thereby misleading voters is a terrible trait for a congressman.

I would be in Bill Randall's district. I had always thought that Bill would be the one primary candidate that could beat Brad Miller. The character issues associated with Bill Randall are of concern to me and frankly make me wonder whether Bill would be the best choice for the 13th District of NC.

It has been 2 weeks and Bill Randall still blocks me from his Twitter! The day before the block, I was on the phone encouraging people to help Randall and GOTV for Randall. I also emailed Bill Randall about events to attend. Bill Randall showed his appreciation for the work I did for him by blocking me from Twitter.

I overlooked all the hateful, hurtful actions by Bill Randall against me personally. The first point that I ever wrote honestly about Bill Randall was when I realized that, like Brad Miller, Bill Randall picks and chooses who he wants as constituents. We might as well keep Brad Miller.

Friday, April 23, 2010

GINO conservative candidates in North Carolina

For 6-7 months, it was relatively easy for a candidate to "play with" the grassroots movement and tea party movement.

We grassroots conservatives were as thrilled to have a candidate listen to us as the candidate was to be given a speaking forum.

But stress has a way of bringing out a person's true colors. Candidates yelling at and lying to volunteer staffers.

As grassroots patriots, we must be more discerning when voting for a candidate that purports to be "one of us" (grassroots). Think of it as "grassroots in name only" (GINO)!

Other than yelling and insulting staff (something a grassroots patriot would never do), how can you tell if your candidate is a GINO?
  • Deletes constituent posts from Face Book. In other words, purports to engage voters but is unable to accept some voters have questions or disagreements. This will be the type of elected official who will not be accessible and will pick/chose those constituents worthy of his time.
  • Blocks constituents from Twitter or Face Book. Same explanation and concern as above.
Take the emotion out of the equation. Look seriously at your candidate. Recognize that we all worked very hard last year to find candidates who would be our voice in Washington DC. If they are blocking or deleting anyone during the campaign ... how are they likely to act in DC?

As I have said before, coming to our tea party events and speaking passionately into our bull horns does not make the candidate a patriot in the image of the founding fathers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congressional Candidate Bill Randall (NC 13)

From 01/02/2010 -04/04/10, I served as the campaign manager for US Congressional Candidate Bill Randall (NC 13). I worked long hours to get Randall's campaign up and moving. Randall had a series of bad experiences with former campaign workers in 2009.

I admit that I was impressed by Randall's passion. I want someone to replace the current congressman Brad Miller because he is useless. I have come to realize that Randall's passion is not rooted in a sincere desire to serve the people. I am not certain of his motives.

My dad died on 1/15/10 (after 3 years of my taking care of him). I was so committed to helping Bill Randall that I went to a staff meeting the morning after my dad died.

Then came the last week in March 2010. Bill Randall told me that he would never bring a new person on board until and unless I vetted the person. I told Bill Randall that I would entertain the possibility of other people joining the "inner circle" after the primary on 05/04/2010.

Bill Randall's first break of that agreement - Bill Randall promoted Sam Collier to the position of District Coordinator. That is possibly the toughest job in the campaign. I would have never given Sam Collier that position.

Sam Collier is uncompromising and difficult to work with. He manipulates situations to achieve his personal agenda.

(1) Sam Collier manipulated and deceived people associated with the campaign on 03/29/10 so that he could attend a private campaign meeting between myself and a campaign consultant.

(2) Sam Collier manipulated and deceived people
associated with the campaign on 04/01/10 so that a friend of his could be given a job within the inner circle of the campaign. That job provided Sam's friend access to confidential information. Sam told the candidate Bill Randall that I could not vet the individual because he was "home bound." That was a lie. Sam lied to Bill Randall and Bill believed it hook, line, sinker. That incident was an example of Sam's lack of trustworthiness and Bill's gullibility.

The Sam Collier and Bill Randall incident made me angry because I was the campaign manager and the "deal" was made behind my back.

The campaign treasurer Tom Price brought his barbecue truck to a Republican debate in Raleigh. At that event, Price brought Moonshine and offered it for consumption to others. Tom also discussed his "still" with friends. This was out in the open and within earshot of primary opponents.

A couple days later we had our weekly campaign meeting. Bill Randall arranged that meeting to accomplish nothing more than allow Sam Collier and Treasurer Tom Price yell at and insult me. And then Bill just sat back and let me (a lady and his campaign manager) be verbally assaulted. I was in tears, being assaulted and Bill Randall just let it happen. We had much more important things to work on at that point.

A good representative or leader of any kind pulls a team together. A bad leader encourages chaos and lack of cooperation. How a leader handles conflict within his team is a reflection of the leader's temperament, integrity and character.

(1) Sam Collier yelled at me because I missed a conference call in February or March when I had an unexpected meeting with Bill Randall.

(2) Sam Collier yelled at me because I did not confirm more attendees to events. (Sam Collier invited/confirmed none apparently because I made him "project manager" of the events)

(3) Tom Price yelled at me because I kept some receipts for expenses that were suspicious after Tom gave them to me.

(4) Tom Price yelled at me because I sent a document two times to the FEC. I sent the first copy to the wrong address.

(5) Because of the poor judgment of Tom Price in bringing Moonshine to a campaign event, I have been interviewed by state and federal law enforcement.

Despite the fact that I was verbally assaulted for ridiculous reasons by Bill Randall, Sam Collier and Tom Price, I continued to help Bill Randall until this week. Prior to this week, I talked Bill up with voters, walked areas (with a bad knee and ankle) to place yard signs and even tipped Bill off on opportunities for national media exposure.

So what happened last week? Bill Randall (or Tom or Sam or the allegedly home bound boy) blocked me on Bill Randall's Twitter. I mentioned it directly with Bill last week. He said he would "fix it" and "get to the bottom of who did it."

I told Bill to just get me unblocked. I reminded him that he had a primary within weeks and it is unnecessary to "get to the bottom of it." Bill Randall did not need to worry about drama - just get me unblocked because I wanted to be able to give him info quickly.

We are going on two weeks and I am still blocked.

I have been called petty and a trouble maker for bringing this to the forefront.

Let me explain why I brought Bill Randall's treatment of me to light. We already have a congressman (Brad Miller) who picks and chooses who is worthy of his time.

Bill Randall portrayed himself to me as being a caring man who was grounded in the convictions of the grassroots movement. That would mean that he would be a real person who would represent us all - including former campaign managers.

In February 2010, I wrote a blog post about how the doctors at Duke Medical failed my dad, allowed him to suffer and die painfully. Bill told me that I should be carefully about my writings because it reflects on his campaign!

I speak the truth boldly and without fear.

We need representatives that will return to North Carolina and talk with all of us. Representatives should not block a constituent from any form of communication with the government. It is shameful.

Bill Randall is a slick, well spoken man. But then again, so is Barack Obama.

I hope that voters in the 13th District of NC demand substance over form!